“A letter to Tarkovsky” is personal and yet it is as much about you as it is about me. It’s about memories and childhood, longing, loss, joy, dreams, melancholy and vulnerability. And finally death, which is our common fate. When I photograph I have a deep desire to catch a timelessness in a moment. To dream with open eyes! These defined moments that I have chosen will be here forever. A reminiscence, or reality, perhaps a dream of the past gentle shadows of something indefinable, yet specific and familiar. Is it real or unreal? Maybe a nostalgic dream of what once was? I hope you find my images recognizable within yourself.

My childhood photographs were in black and white. The timeless quality of the black and white format has always drawn fascination with me. The rich and intense spectrum from dark to light gives the depth and the underlying eerie feeling that I am seeking, together with the stillness of the images. It was a great honour to exhibit this project, during the 2014 Nordic Light International Festival of Photography.

Anita Hamremoen